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Peter McManners combines a radical approach to economic analysis with deep environmentalism to propose solutions to the challenge of thriving on a finite planet. He is critical of current policy and willing to challenge the status quo when this is required to make progress. The combination of committed environmentalist, business strategist and green economist underpins a unique and pragmatic perspective on the way forward. His writing first came to prominence with his prize-winning entry to the Oxford Science Writing Competition 2002 titled ‘Is Carbon the Culprit?’ His column in Sustainable Business magazine 2008-2012 was instrumental in persuading business of the importance of sustainability. His books cover themes ranging from an impassioned plea for action to deliver green aviation in the book ‘Fly and be Damned’ to a mainstream business text ‘Corporate Strategy in the Age of Responsibility’. The foundation book which provides a way into this new way of thinking is ‘Adapt and Thrive: The Sustainable Revolution’.

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When you purchase Adapt and Thrive: The Sustainable Revolution (19.99) direct from the author you will receive a free copy of Victim of Success: Civilization at Risk.