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Peter McManners Peter McManners Peter McManners Peter McManners Peter McManners

Peter McManners ‘underlines the need to adapt economics to serve society better ... to decouple our notion of progress from environmental degradation. He makes challenging proposals for a new balance of responsibility and partnership in world affairs. These are indeed critical issues which will determine the future of humanity in the twenty-first century.’

Martin Lees, Secretary General, Club of Rome, reviewing the book Green Outcomes in the Real World.


Adapt and Thrive
The Sustainable Revolution

‘...Government and business who are currently unable to see beyond the current political term/share price will oppose this book, but in twenty years they will be quoting it as the ‘Bible for Survival’
Etelš-Suomen Sanomat, Finland

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Green Outcomes in the Real World
Global Forces, Local Circumstances, and Sustainable Solutions

“... is published at a time when the world needs new ideas and a new direction. It defines that new direction and should be compulsory reading for policy makers and students of international affairs.”

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Reframing Economic policy book cover

Reframing Economic Policy towards Sustainability
Explored through a case study into aviation

The new paradigm presented in this book opens the way to considering radical transformations to make real progress with the sustainability agenda.

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Fly and Be Damned cover Low res
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Corporate Strategy in the Age of Responsibility
”This is not about blunting commercial discipline but is all about honest profit from mobilising corporate capabilities to serve society with appropriate solutions... it deserves to be read widely within business, consultancy and business schools to stimulate discussion about the need for changes to the rules of the corporate game.”

John Board, Dean, Henley Business School

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Fly and Be Damned
What now for aviation and climate change?

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Victim of Success
Civilization at Risk

“Victim of Success should be compulsory reading for all people with influence on the future direction of society, from world leaders and policy makers to teachers and voters. The time has come to support real change.”
Sir David King,

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